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Building &
Strengthening Trust

Building trust is at the heart of our distinctive approach. We enable leaders to be the example, create a strategy and execute it effectively. We develop confidence in people so they engage with impact and charisma. We build an understanding of what matters to people within your business, throughout your supply chain and in the wider world. 

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Our services are tailored to you and draw on the collective experience of our expert consulting team. Our board level coaches have all been there, so understand leadership from the inside out. Our organisational consultants are highly qualified and have held senior roles in HR. Our people development teams use the highest quality tools in the market with our bespoke analytics to help you to develop and retain great people. 



leadership communication

Leadership Communication

Giving leaders the voice they need to transform themselves, grow businesses and change the world.

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Organisational Strategy

Building clarity on what makes a business stand out and developing a strategy that makes that vision a reality. 

people development

People Development

Showing people how to represent themselves and their business with confidence, authority and integrity.


Josie Gammell

Associate Black Isle Global.
Josie is an Associate Black Isle Global

Josie derives her coaching skills from a thirty-year acting career in New York and Los Angeles. Helping her clients understand the mechanics behind powerful presence, the emotional preparation required for effective communication and introducing a methodology for impactful content and memorable delivery sets her apart in the world of communication skills coaching. 

Returning to the UK in 2016, Josie coaches senior executives across a broad range of industries from global banks to innovation labs to think tanks to Government agencies. She is the creator of the VO1CE Pebble™ and the five-step VO1CE™ methodology.