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Here is what our clients have to say.

The personal transformation I have gained with Executive Presence is extraordinary, and changed my career trajectory.

Circle Yeung

Director, HSBC

Over my 19 year career, I can count on three fingers the number of training sessions that I felt were really beneficial  …. Yours was one of them.

Jerry Forsythe

Senior VP, Effem (Mars Foods)

The most valuable hour of 1:1 coaching ever!  I walked away with immediate, applicable, tangible results and a sense of empowerment.  A rare experience, indeed.

Corinne Lavictoire´


I toyed with the idea of not going to this training; why bother going?
How wrong I was and how lucky I turned up. The trainer is excellent. I feel even more ‘fired up’ about doing my presentations now. The man really knows his onions.
If you don’t go you are missing a great opportunity.

Simon Cockayne

Senior Software Engineer, Syon/Sterling, California
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Josie Gammell

Associate Black Isle Global.
Josie is an Associate Black Isle Global

Josie derives her coaching skills from a thirty-year acting career in New York and Los Angeles. Helping her clients understand the mechanics behind powerful presence, the emotional preparation required for effective communication and introducing a methodology for impactful content and memorable delivery sets her apart in the world of communication skills coaching. 

Returning to the UK in 2016, Josie coaches senior executives across a broad range of industries from global banks to innovation labs to think tanks to Government agencies. She is the creator of the VO1CE Pebble™ and the five-step VO1CE™ methodology.